Posted by: Jackie O'Carroll | September 24, 2012


Just pondering today on the things that inspire us….

I am inspired by many things, especially nature. The sea, pebbles, trees, birds, even rain can do it – it is beauty but it’s more than that. It tends to have the ‘awe’ factor – making me feel full of wonder at something beautiful, intricate or just a particular colour or shape. When I am surrounded by mountains the sheer size and power actually silences me.

So how do I find that inspiration living in a city, surrounded by buildings, bricks and people? That’s easy – people are utterly awe inspiring. People who have had to fight so hard for what they have achieved, people who are struggling under such difficult circumstances but still smile and give to others, people who have embarked on a journey way out of their comfort zone – all make me feel empowered, uplifted and truly inspired. I especially enjoy being with people who love learning, who recognise that learning never stops and embrace a wide range of interests and challenges.

As we move forward along our journey it’s good to know what inspires us and fill our lives with those things – images, landscapes, people, books…whatever it takes to ensure we continue to feel full of wonder, awe and passion!

Posted by: Jackie O'Carroll | September 14, 2012


ThisĀ  week I have been madly busy sorting out my office, getting rid of old files and documents and shredding lots of paper – it has been so freeing!

Obviously clearing a space of things that we no longer use makes more physical space, but it also has an impact on our ‘inner space’. It creates opportunity for a shift in thinking, new energy and creativity – because in order to embrace new and wonderful ideas, plans and projects we need to let go of those negative ‘past their sell by date’ things that keep us stuck, limit our vision and dry up our creative juices.

So what is stopping you? what ‘clutter’ needs to go so that you can move forward and get those juices flowing?

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